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I am my sisters' keeper.

Light Education Program

In response to the demand for higher-skilled workers and the need for self-sufficiency, TLW initiated The Lighted Path Education Program (LEP). Many of the participants of the Light Education Program are those who were victims of social and natural catastrophes. While there are agencies that help in the time of immediate need. Many of them fail to address the socio-economics effects long term. The LEP program is four fold, career training, social assistance, counseling, and finance management. There are courses designed to shift the paradigm and broaden the horizons of the participants. These areas are most important in continued success. We intend to help the entire community by helping one woman a time. Participants are referred through various methods. They are referred through churches, law enforcement agencies, social workers and word of mouth. The participants are asked to complete the social assistance application to initiate the screening process. Their financial information is verified via Search America to determine financial hardship. After the hardship is confirmed, a background check is also performed to ensure there no outstanding warrants or unresolved cases. Upon approval, the participants sign a contract agreeing to the terms of the program and financial liability should they choose to leave the program prematurely. The LEP is twenty-four weeks in duration, comprised of classes held three times a week. On days when core courses are not being held, participants are encouraged to practice what they’ve learned and seek mentor sessions by TLW’s staffed coaches. While participating in the LEP, transitional housing is provided for those who are homeless or unsafe environment. This is to ensure that as long as they are in the program they are safe and can focus completely on the courses. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will have full-time employment. The Light Education Program is the participants’ chance at leading a successful life and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Although TLW has a number of initiatives, none are as important as the Light Education Program and its cost. To successfully carry out the Light Education Program , we must have financial support. TLW’s corporate design is not to be a consumer in the community but a producer. This means contributing to the local economy and helping to reduce the unemployment rate.

The following is a breakdown of expenses surrounding the execution of the Light Education Program:

Transitional Housing- $96,000

Instructor fees- $42,000

Books- $10,000

Weekly Stipends- $24,000

Gas Cards/Transportation- $24,000

Awards- $1,000

Graduation Ceremony- $5,000

Printed Material- $2,500

Computers- $53,000

Program Total- $257,500

Your support of our programs help transform lives and gives us the opportunity to change the participants of our programs into women they thought they could never be. It starts with the ability to learn, observe and build significant relationships. Additionally, empowerment to excel and provide for their families is the most important goal of all. We hope you will support our initiatives financially, your return on your investment will reverberate forever.