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This page is to support women owned small businesses.  We hope that our audience will consider purchasing goods and/or services from women who share their struggle and rejoice in their triumphs.  Listed below are a vast array of goods and services.  If you would like to be listed on this page, please purchase your spot on the Store and select HER OWN Patron, the cost is $5.00 all funds benefit the Light Education Program.

Last minute flight, photoshoot or unexpected slumber party? The Embag has you covered!

 It is handy, convenient and TSA friendly. Order yours today

Ebony Rice

Fashion Stylist, Emily Did It

Do you need customized T-Shirts, glassware or other items?  A Tyte Niche should be your first stop when shopping for promotional items, novelty items for special occasions.  Check out the Facebook page.

Tashia Echols-Guthrie

CEO,  A Tyte Niche

Whether you are a busy single mother or entrepreneur, you may need someone to tidy up a bit or help with closet organization.  Do you have a room that has been a nightmare and you are afraid to tackle it.  Call or email Wanda for a free quote.  She'll get you squared away.  Email

(770) 468-5011

Wanda Roshell

Owner, Wanda's Cleaning and Organizing

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