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Truly Liberated Women is an organization of women who ‘s mission is to help women succeed after catastrophic circumstances. Often women and their children arrive at shelters and our transitional hotels with nothing but the clothes on their backs and in few cases, not even that. We find ourselves providing basic items such as undergarments, feminine hygiene items, hair products and the like. Survival becomes so hard that they often go back to the abuser to keep shelter over their heads.  If they are fortunate enough to escape, they only have ninety days within the shelter to start over and be self sufficient.  This is where Truly Liberated Women fills in the gap.

We have formed relationships with elected officials to help develop community based programs so that women in progressive neighborhoods are not left behind.  This ensures that as new jobs are created through commercial development, women who have completed our program are trained in skills required to meet the needs of the job market thereby bolstering local economy and allowing them to be self-sufficient.

The Truly Liberated Woman Podcast

The Truly Liberated Woman Podcast is hosted by the founder of Truly Liberated Women, Sheila Tillman.  The goal of this podcast is to shed light on topics that affect women with the hopes that they become liberated through information discussed during each session.   

  We will be discussing various topics concerning life, love, finance and health.  Understanding different perspectives and hearing triumphant stories from different will certainly help others take charge of their lives and live a successful life.  We welcome feedback or suggestions for topics.  We are always looking for potential guests of the show as well.  You can email us at [email protected].  The Truly Liberated Woman podcast is available on Spotify.   Thank you in advance for your support!

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Social Services

We are fully aware the hard times come at the least expected time. We are not able to address all of the needs required. We have a list of organizations who are equipped helping in a variety of ways. 

Job Skills Training

We are currently raising funds for our Light Education Program. We are always offering job skills training in various areas. Be sure to sign up for the next session. To learn more about the Light Education Program.


One of the most effective and beneficial ways to gain self-sufficiency is entrepreneurship. Flexibility in work hours as well as pay are the practical benefits to entrepreneurship. Learn about cost effective sales tools and how you can support other local entrepreneurs.

Women's  Health

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Meet our Founder

Sheila Tillman founded Truly Liberated Women in 2012 in hopes to address the root cause for homelessness in women and children.  Sheila Tillman is a Veteran, local entrepreneur.  She is President and CEO of Agilite Consulting Group, Inc., a healthcare consulting firm.  While working in the healthcare arena for the past 20 years she found herself developing a heart for women.  She started offering career advice, providing financial assistance, then shelter. As she became more and more attached to women, she thought she'd be more effective by  offering a long term solution to the problem most were facing.  Establishing Truly Liberated Women was the answer. Truly Liberated Women was created to empower women who had fallen victim to domestic violence and other circumstances that left them depleted financially, emotionally and spiritually. The Light Education Program helps participants gain practical skills so that they will obtain gainful employment and self-sufficiency.

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"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."

-Maya Angelou

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